Our Story


Our Values


At the heart of 168Group lies an unwavering dedication to a distinct set of core values, shaping our identity and guiding our approach in both business and stores.


Striving for excellence in everything we do, delivering the best at all times.


Dedicated to helping and making a positive impact on those we serve.


Embracing change, staying flexible to thrive in evolving circumstances and challenges.


Supporting and connecting with the people that we serve.Supporting and connecting with the people that we serve.


Always being truthful and fair, upholding high moral standards in our actions.


Constantly finding new and better ways to improve and evolve.

Most Importantly

Treating everyone with care and respect, fostering a sense of belonging.

Our Actions

Our Action
Our Action
Our Action
Our Action
Our Action
Our Action

168Group takes immense pride in fostering a vibrant community in Michigan, where a celebration of Asian culture serves as the cornerstone. With a commitment to inclusivity, the group goes beyond cultural boundaries, extending support to everyone in need. Their philanthropic endeavors not only strengthen the bonds within the community but also exemplify a dedication to giving back and creating a more interconnected and compassionate Michigan for all.

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